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Sink blissfully into the largest and most laid-back furniture on the planet with your own Gorilla Bag! Gorilla Bags are filled with super soft, lazy, high-quality shredded foam. Multiple sizes are available with the largest bag boasting a record of 8 kids and 3 hamsters — a leap and a stride ahead of Grandma's feather bed. And don't worry, you can remove their attractive microsuede covers to wash away those jump-for-joy touchdown spills! See the Our Stuff page for more.

With four sizes to choose from, Gorilla Bags are designed to conform comfortably to your body just like your favorite pair of underwear… well you know what we mean. Go to the Shop page and find your shape and comfort.

Just like your hairy Uncle Joe, Gorilla Bags are large, lazy, and very tough. And to prove their toughness, all Gorilla Bags come with a 1 year warranty.